Maintaining the quality of stored grain for over forty years.

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Thank you for visiting Atlas on the web. We have been designing and manufacturing grain aeration systems and equipment for over 40 years. Our dedication to customer service and satisfaction is your assurance that the quality of your stored grain will be well maintained by an Atlas system. Whether you need a complete system or just a single item, no inquiry is too large or  small, we invite you to contact us for any requirement you may have.

Storage systems for:
Hopper tanks, steel or concrete.
Flat bottom tanks, steel or concrete.
Flat storage buildings.
Outdoor grain piles.
"Push / pull" and cross flow aeration.
Full and half round duct, flush floor tunnel systems.

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Phone: 214-741-4788
Toll free: 800-729-3233
Fax: 214-741-4780

P.O. Box 225208
Dallas, TX 75222