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METAL WORKS, Inc. Metal Fabrication Since 1904

A brief History of Atlas Metal Works

Atlas Metal Works Inc. was started in Dallas, TX in 1904 and initially built culvert pipe, grain storage silos, stock tanks and water cisterns.

Through the years, the company has manufactured a myriad of products including vending machines, lawn mowers, awnings, irrigation and commercial farm watering systems etc.

In 1929 the company relocated from its original site near downtown Dallas to its current facility in west Dallas due to the newly constructed levy system which redirected the Trinity River and created a vast amount of available land for business expansion.

The company built a 40,000 square foot manufacturing building for its rapidly expanding operations.

In the 1950's we entered into the manufacture grain aeration systems for stored grains and continue to this day.

During world war II, the company added another 11,000 square feet and went into manufacturing for the war effort building various items for the armed forces.

Our other main focus is on custom sheet metal and plate fabrication using state of the art machinery and equipment for a broad range of industries.

Today, Atlas Metal Works main focus is on top quality sheet metal and plate fabrication, the design and manufacturer of grain aeration storage systems. We use state of the art machinery and will see your project through from start to finish.

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